Politics: The Battlefield of Morality

How can anyone vote for Donald Trump?How can anyone support the Democratic Party? Anyone confused by how it’s come to this? When you look at some of the fundamentals of human nature and society, it really isn’t any wonder that we’re here today, staring at the biggest stand-off in awhile. Politics is simply the manifestationContinue reading “Politics: The Battlefield of Morality”

The Women in My Neighborhood

Today we celebrate 100 years of women having the right to vote. But something has been frustrating me lately. Various groups recognize the strength and power of the women’s vote. They try to push us into action and get us to care about various causes, political issues, or certain elections. But they all seem toContinue reading “The Women in My Neighborhood”

Legislative Special Session – Special Needs Scholarship

As we follow the Legislative special session to address the emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic, an odd bill stands out in the line-up. HB 332 is a bill, which passed during the regular legislative session but was vetoed by the governor earlier this year, is making another pass with the hope of getting enoughContinue reading “Legislative Special Session – Special Needs Scholarship”